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Our guide is below, we hope it helps. If you've ordered a GripChip, a copy of the below will be printed and sent to you for reference. 

How to program your GripChip

Here we go! Here’s how to get your GripChip to do what you want. The instructions below apply to both iPhones and Android.

1. Download an NFC writer app. A free app is fine. We use and recommend NFC Tools (available on Android and iOS).

2. Open the app and select ‘Write’ and then ‘Add a Record’.

3. Now for the fun part. Have a read through the options. Do you want your GripChip to open your Instagram? If so, select ‘social networks’ and use the ‘edit’ button to select Instagram. Type your Instagram username into the box and click ‘OK’. It will return you to the home screen, where you can hold the GripChip up to your phone and click ‘Write / XX Bytes’. Wait until it vibrates / beeps, it’s then programmed (turn your sound up until you get familiar with it). 

4. That’s it –you’re done!

5. Use it to call or text your other half using the ‘Phone Number’ or ‘SMS’ option to remind them to bring milk home (and chocolate). Use it to add your website so that customers can tap and instantly open your site—use the URL / URI option.

6. To re-program it, just follow the steps 2-4 above again. No need to wipe the card before you start again.  Re-program as many times as you like.

How to use your GripChip

The instructions below apply to both iPhones and Android but every phone is different.  Wherever your Apple / Google Pay works best is where your GripChip will read, as it’s the same technology.

· For iPhones, the NFC ’reader’ is located along the top of the phone, at the back. 

· For Android, the NFC ‘reader’ location varies. Most we tested were along the top, at the back, but some were located in the fingerprint scanner in the middle of the back of the phone.

· All the user needs to do is tap, wait for it to read (usually less than 1 second) and then click the prompt that appears on their screen to open up whatever you have set your GripChip to do.

Extra Information: 

For our phone grips / tiles:

Your GripChip will come with 2 stickers. There’s an extendable, adjustable phone grip, and a sticker, so you can use it either as a ‘tile’ to stick on your nightstand, doorway or fridge, or you can place it on your phone and use it as a phone grip. 

For first time use: If you want to use it as a phone grip, we suggest that you put it on the case. In order to re-program your Grip Chip, you need to be able to hold the grip up to the NFC reader on the phone (see instructions on the other side of this card), so you need to be able to remove the grip. If you don’t have a case, that’s OK—just be aware that you will need to have access to another phone with the an NFC writer app in order to re-program it.

For ongoing use: Depending on where the internal NFC chip ‘reader’ in your phone is located, you might need to extend the grip (as if you were using it as a selfie socket) in order to have another phone read it correctly. On some phones we tested, using it with the grip pushed in caused it not to read as there was interference. NFC tags have a read distance of about 1cm—so get in close!

For our key-chains:

Your GripChip has come with a keychain. You can attach it to any bag or keys that you like! Nice and simple. To use, just hold the key-chain up to the phone that wants to read it.

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