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Welcome to GripChip - Your Partner in Fun. 

We've something fun that we think you are going to love. 

We've called it GripChip. 

 We had the idea to cover an NFC chip in resin, and see what happened. Guess what? It worked. And now you can have one too!


Want to be able to share your Instagram or TikTok page with a new friend, simply by them tapping your phone grip? 

Want to be able to remind your other half or housemate to bring home milk (and chocolate of course) by tapping a tile on your fridge? 

Want to be able to turn your alarms on at the tap of a tile on your nightstand? 

Want to set your phone to Driving Mode when you get in your car by tapping your keyring? 

Want to be able to share your website with prospective customers at a craft fair simply by leaving a tile on the table and asking them to tap it? 



US TOO. So we did it! 


Explore our range here

If you've questions, anything at all, contact us here

We are not at all technical. We simply took technology that's been around for the best part of 10 years, and made it fun. Read more about how it works here (we didn't write a thing, it's a pile of links that you might find helpful though!)


Want your GripChip wrapped up and delivered straight to your recipient? No problem. Let us know. The mid-December holiday that we wont mention until November is approaching fast. We can help with that, too. 


A friendly reminder - we are a tiny business in Dublin who hand make ALL our products. (we're classified as a micro-business). We can only produce a certain number of products each day or week. We will always try to show you what's ready to ship, but we will contact you if there will be any sort of a delay. We also have a full range of resin and jesmonite homewares and accessories, they are currently on Etsy so feel free to pop past and say hello to us there as well. 

Want to talk through how it all works before buying? We love to chat! 

How do I buy? 

You can buy via our website collection here or you can pop over to our Etsy and buy there!

I want GripChip in a different product! 

We love new ideas. We'd love to hear from you and create something just for you! 

I've still got questions...  

OK - let's chat

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