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For those of you that like to research before buying, we've got you. 

NFC stands for Near-Field Communication. It's the same technology that allows Apple Pay and Google Pay to work. 

We use an NFC chip - if you hold your product up to the light, you might be able to see it. It's a white disc about 2cm in diameter. Once in the vicinity of an NFC enabled phone, it transmits the data on it to the other phone. 

So what's an NFC enabled phone? 

Good question - glad you asked. 

iPhones newer than the 7 should be able to read NFC without the user doing a thing - it's built in and switched on. The NFC 'reader' is along the top of an iPhone, at the back. Think just about where the rear camera is (but it could be on the opposite side to the camera just to confuse matters).

Android phones vary slightly. You will need to switch NFC on. To do this you go into 'settings', then 'connected devices', then 'connection preferences' and then switch NFC and Android Beam on. If you use Google Pay, it's already switched on. 

The position of the NFC reader varies from Android to Android. Most commonly though, they are along the top, at the back, or in the fingerprint scanner at the back. 

More information here 

What can an NFC chip do? 

It does a bunch of fun things! Personally, we use it share our Instagram page with new friends and customers. 

We also each have one set up to text each other ideas for new products.

We have a key-ring programmed with our website for when we are out and about. 

One half of us (Emma) has one on her nightstand and uses Apple Shortcuts and an NFC chip to turn alarms on for the morning. Sleep as Android has the same integration.  

More fun ideas here

How safe is NFC? 

We're going to leave this to the experts. We are not technically minded at all. Link here (spoiler alert, it's good news)

How do I buy? 

You can buy via our website collection here or you can pop over to our Etsy and buy there!

I want GripChip in a different product! 

We love new ideas. We'd love to hear from you and create something just for you! 

I've still got questions...  

OK - let's chat

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