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Spring Flowers in Ireland: A Colourful Wonderland

Spring has arrived in Ireland, and the gardens are bursting with life. After a long winter, the sight of vibrant and colourful flowers is a welcome relief. The Irish countryside is renowned for its lush greenery and rolling hills, and in spring, it transforms into a wonderland of flowers.

As April is well underway, Irish gardens are currently blooming with a range of wildflowers and cultivated plants. Daffodils, tulips, and crocus are popular spring bulbs that grace many gardens with their vibrant colours.

In the wild, the Irish landscape is home to a range of native wildflowers that bloom in spring. Primroses, cowslips, and bluebells are all commonly found in Irish woodlands, and they add a burst of colour to the landscape. Wild garlic is also prevalent in April and May, and its pungent scent can be detected from a distance.

Ireland is home to many other wildflowers, including yellow flag iris, wood anemone, and wood sorrel. These delicate flowers are a testament to the natural beauty of the Irish landscape, and they are often overlooked by many. Springtime in Ireland is a fantastic time to take a walk in the countryside and enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers.

If you’re looking to preserve your own springtime flowers, pressing is a great way to capture their beauty. The pressing method involves placing the flowers between sheets of paper and pressing them down with heavy objects. This process allows the flowers to dry out and be preserved without losing their shape or colour. Remember to be cautious of where you are picking wildflowers, and only pick from eco-systems you are familiar with, and don't over-pick. Some wildflowers are also protected - just enjoy looking at these!

When pressing flowers, it’s important to use flowers that are fresh and in good condition. Flowers that are wilted or damaged will not preserve well, and their colour may fade. It’s also essential to use absorbent paper, such as blotting paper or tissue paper, to absorb the moisture from the flowers.

Go out and enjoy the beauty of spring in Ireland, and capture its essence through the preservation of its flowers


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