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Waxing Moonx

Luxurious, high quality vegan friendly wax melts

Luxury that everyone can afford. High quality, long lasting vegan friendly rapeseed and coconut wax melts.
From the moment you place your order we want you to have more than just wax melts. We want you to have an experience of luxury high quality gorgeous fragrances. Your order will come presented in a box so your melts arrive safely and look amazing - a gift for yourself or a loved one that continues long after opening. All our melts are long lasting and will give you hours of luxurious fragrance.
A lot of time has been taken to find the best fragrances for you to enjoy with dupes as good as the real thing, floral fragrances that will have you surrounded with fresh cut flowers and fragrances that will give your home a spa like feeling for you to enjoy

All our wax melts are made using rapeseed and coconut wax. This wax is a 100% natural, pure vegetable wax without additives and contains no palm or soy. It has excellent heat stability which gives you excellent hot and cold fragrance throw. It is sustainable and vegan friendly and halal and kosher certified.

All the fragrance oils that we use are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

All the packaging that we use is eco friendly and 100% recyclable.

Gift favours are available by request - drop me a message

If there is anything you need help with or any questions please drop me a message.

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