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Floral Preservation

Our Favourite Topic! 

We can talk for hours about this, but let's keep it short and sweet.

We love to do this

Whether you're getting married, have had a baby, a birthday, or just want to preserve blooms from your garden for years to come, let us know. 

This is what we truly love to do. 

What we do with your flowers is completely up to you.

Do you want them pressed and put into a tray and coasters?

Do you want them preserved whole into a block or a bookend?

Do you want them as bridesmaid thank you gifts by way of trinket trays or ring holders?

Do you want them pressed and framed and hung on your living room wall?

Do you want us to source a deep table or tray and put your flowers on a striking black background? 

The options are really only limited by your imagination. 

Floral preservation takes time. It will take us 2-4 weeks to press or dry your flowers. Then, depending on the time of year, we might leave them a bit longer. Then your special pieces have to be made, which can take another 8-20 weeks depending on what you're getting made and how many layers of resin you need. 

No flowers are the same, and no creations are the same. If you've an idea, let's develop it together. If you know exactly what you want - let's do it! 

A note - we only have capacity for a certain number of bouquets at a time. Get in touch for available dates as we do book up quickly.

We always try to leave room for those who have just found us and are getting married very soon or have already got married as we know you don't have another bouquet, but we are still limited - we can't guarantee we can fit you in without a booking. 

Click the 'download' button for our price list and some REALLY important notes about bouquet preservation

Please also read through our notes here on what you might expect when preserving flowers

Upon booking, a copy of our Terms & Conditions will be sent to you for your acceptance, these can be found here if you wish to read them prior to booking. We tried to keep them concise, we promise! 

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