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Our Prices

Click the download button below for our most recent price list. 

A couple of notes: 

Our aim is for bouquet preservation to be accessible to everyone, and we price accordingly. However, we do have a minimum on bridal orders - €150. Whether we are preserving 1 bouquets or 3, the process, time spent, and resources used are the same. We have priced our most popular packages (the artwork and homewares packages) in this price bracket. 

Memorial orders are not subject to a minimum value. 

In all cases, we work chronologically through our orders to be fair to all of our clients. Our current turnaround is 12-16 weeks. This turnaround increases and decreases as the year progresses - summer is a very busy time, winter is not as busy but we do try to take a break over late December / early January. 

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