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Bouquet Preservation - all you need to know!

So, you've decided to preserve a bouquet or bunch of flowers. What now?

Well - firstly, you've a big decision. Do you want functional art, or showstopper art?

Let's work through both.

Functional art is something you can use. This might be a tray, ring holder, coaster set - anything you'll use on a frequent or occasional basis.

Showstopper art would include resin blocks, wall frames and anything that is designed to be seen rather than used.

Once you've decided which piece or pieces you are going for, you can then decide how to preserve the flowers.

If you are going for a piece of functional art, you'll likely need to press the flowers. This will flatten them to place into the tray or coasters. If you're going for a resin block or bookend, the preservation process is different - it preserves them whole, in a 3D form. The whole flower is then placed into the mold, and the resin piece is built up around it.

Can you do both? Yes! We do a lot of preservation where we press half, and preserve half whole. This option is also great for those that aren't quite sure what they want to do, but want the flowers preserved in some way whilst they decide.

Once the flowers are preserved, there's no rush to use them. Take your time deciding.

In the next post, we will break down the pricing of preservation so that you've all the tools you need to make the perfect decision for your flowers.


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